Frequently Asked Questions

On this page we have answers some common questions most new members use to ask us. If you have any particular question that is not answered yet, please, kindly contact us with it.

Mycrowdsourcing(MCS) is an electronic Multi-level marketing(MLM) scheme built as a network of solidarity in which members support each other.

The scheme allows all members to join it with a little contribution and therefore benefit from other members’ contributions.

A member joining is liking coming to help fellow members today and wait for his turn to be helped in next few days.

MCS does not take members’ money to invest and fund them with interest.

You need only GH¢50 to join You money is not taken as cash. The system collects your contribution, with your permission, from your mobile money wallet.
Two. Although you will still receive the support from the association even you haven't brought two people, we mandate every member to help two other people to join.

Mycrowdsourcing is an automated system. You can start making your income in the next minutes, hours, or days after you join.

For now, new people who join can have an exact estimation of how many days ahead before they receive their first contribution from the members.

  1. Click on JOIN
  2. Fill in the registration form with your sponsor ID, your mobile number, your name, and set a secured password. If you don't have a sponsore ID, click on the Invite me to get one.
  3. Click REGISTER to validate
  4. An SMS will be sent to you to confirm your number. Enter the received code in the verification form that will be showing in the site
  5. After validation, SIGN IN. Enter your new network ID and your password.
  6. Once in your dashboard, choose your number network, then click ACTIVATE
  7. Allow the payment of GHc50 from your phone
  8. You are done! Now, help two people to join with your network ID

No. For now, since MCS works with mobile networks, only Ghana is supported.

No. You can receive without introducing anyone yet. But, we recommend you do your best to introduce two people. That will protect you from future penalties.

Yes. Although the system places 2 people under everyone, you can help by introducing more people.

No. There is no monthly/yearly fees.

Yes. But, you must know a phone number can be used for one and only one account. Have more accounts means more numbers. This also means for each account you must introduce two people.

Yes, you can. But you must receive approval from OUR team before sharing the content. This is to ensure that MCS is not misrepresented in your content.