Mycrowdsourcing(MCS) is an association, and electronic Multi-level marketing(MLM) scheme built as a network of solidarity in which members support each other.

The scheme allows all members to join it with a little contribution and therefore benefit from other members’ contributions. A member joining is liking coming to help fellow members today and wait for his turn to be helped in next few days.

MCS does not take members’ money to invest and fund them with interest.

We are debuted to change people’s lives. Our goal is of team players. With Mycrowdsourcing.org, you are never left alone but a supporting team of astute worth creators. Our community of like-minded people, with you inclusive will bring a lot of change in the world and make it a better place for us through our little drop of cedi.


Out of small things cometh greater things.

Why Mycrowdsourcing.org

The Technology industry is the gold mine of our time. Several billions of Ghana cedis are received into our homes, business and community as a drop of water to become a mighty ocean. Mycrowdsourcing.org gives you the opportunity to turn your little drop of your cedi into a mighty cedis.

It is our conviction that everyone has the right to live their dreams. With our extraordinary compensation plan and services, we are confident that you will enjoy the financial freedom to live your dream.

In Mycrowdsourcing.org we always think of the saying, If you want to go fast go alone but if you want to go far go with people. It’s not an individual effort; it takes the team effort to make up of our individual small efforts to enjoying a resounding success.


Our Mission & Goals

Our mission is to alleviate poverty in our communities and bring smiles to families.

Mycrowdsourcing.org gives you the opportunity to make that additional income. With a little effort and dedication you can earn a lot more than you ever imagined. In Mycrowdsourcing.org your phone, tablet, ipad is your work tool or office that would guarantee that success you deserve. This is simple for anyone who wants to make that income. Do something for yourself that makes your time worthwhile and promises a successful life. BE A MEMBER of the winning team.

As an organization, we envisage of becoming the icon of change in this world through mobilization of individual little drops of water to a mighty ocean.

Who is it for?

Anyone above 18 years who is intesrested in making some extra income regardless of your gender, color, or business.